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There is an unrealistic portrayal of beauty women are faced with, usually in places we don't expect, like when you are high street window browsing with a take-out mocha frappe with cream in hand, to help you to sober up from that bottomless boozy brunch.

Most high street stores are guilty of having their clothes modelled by super skinny, twig-legged, thin-as-the-wind mannequins which are unrealistic shapes and sizes of the female form. Why haven't women questioned this ridiculousness?

When the #MannequinChallenge phenomenon took over the internet in 2016, we immediately reacted and released our very own #MannequinChallenge, but with a twist.

We were the first of its kind to propose the complete opposite challenge: that mannequins should be more like us.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Unilever Global ECD: Andre Laurentino
Dove Global ECD: Gerald Lewis