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BBC One Christmas - #XmasLife

Bye Humbug! to 2019, it's time to embrace your #XmasLife

As we all know, 2019 has been a bit of a flopper, so we felt it was right that BBC One helped everyone forget about the year and remind them that Christmas is all about joy and positivity together.

We wanted to embrace those feel good feelings in our campaign and remind the nation that their #XmasLife is finally here. Whether it's staying in your pyjamas all day or saying yes to unlimited gingerbread, Christmas is the time when you can life your best life, and even be a kid again.

Cats on Roombas, a Christmas Jumper made from a Christmas tree, a cuckoo dressed as a snowman and talking vegan turkeys... oh, it's a wonderful life sometimes. Thank you to all the elves that sleighed it.

It was all completed by a fun festive cover of Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz sung by the Some Voices choir.

Agency: BBC Creative
ECD: Helen Rhodes
Producer: Liz Dolan
Director: Ernest Desumbila @ Iconoclast
Post: Sauvage.tv
Sound: Mark @ Factory
Music: Native


The joy didn't stop there, as we worked with fantastic Illustrators and animators such as Teddy Hall (Pink Panther, Hercules) and Alex Grigg (MTV) to make some very festive idents.